Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I T CLUB launches WE-STEP

IT- CLUB started WE-STEP(Wayanad Engineering college Socio Technical Education Program) which is a computer learning program conducted in association with NSS unit and Thavinjal Garamapanchayath.
-> Aims at instilling the necessity and use of information technology in to the hearts of the village.
-> Focuses on unemployed SSLC holders of Thavinjal Grama Panchayath
-> Targets at 100% computer education in the panchayath within 4 years.
->One month course on office automation..



Areekkodan | അരീക്കോടന്‍ said...

Congratulations to the IT Club members and NSS unit members whose voluntry effort is the real back bone of this program.

Faizal Kondotty said...

ആശംസകള്‍ , !

Faizal Kondotty said...
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Anonymous said...

happy growing